About Us

Writing is how students connect the dots in their knowledge.

-“The Neglected ‘R’: The Need for a Writing Revolution”

According to the National Commission on Writing (NCW), less than a quarter of all students write at the “proficient” level, while less than 1 percent are considered “advanced.”

We’re here to change those statistics. Welcome to 100EssayTopics.com!

What We Do

Writing is an essential skill to help students get out of public education and into the real world: Writing is now a core part of the SATs, and is considered a “threshold skill” for being hired and promoted in the workplace.

100 Essay Topics is a free resource for students of all levels, from elementary to graduate school. We also have resources for business writers who want to improve their skills.

Our mission is simple: We won’t give you the answers, but we’ll give you the help and ideas you need to improve your writing.

Who We Are

We aren’t selling anything, so you don’t have to worry about our agenda. We run this site because we love writing.

100EssayTopics.com was started by a pair of professionals with educational backgrounds in English and business. We were the book worms in school, so we know a lot about essay writing, speeches and technical writing.

Want to write for us? Whether you’re a professional writer, educator, or somewhere in between, contact us to find out how you can add your voice to 100 Essay Topics.