Gay Rights Essay

Over the past several decades, progress has been made in furthering LGBT rights. However, many nations, especially in developing regions, still maintain laws that discriminate against this group.

In addition, there are many developed countries which continue to deny or ignore aspects of gay rights in “first world” countries, including Europe and the United States of America.

An essay, debate, or other presentation on this topic can focus on any of these regions and find something to talk about.

Law Topics

Same-sex marriage rights are still debated in many places. Some countries have legalized it (e.g. Denmark, Sweden), but a majority still deny this right to same-sex couples, including most states in the USA.

For an essay or speech assignment, you could talk about what made legalization possible in the countries which allow marriage, or look at current legal battles elsewhere.

Hate crimes directed at LGBT individuals are a problem everywhere, but not every country has legislation targeting such crimes.

Look at specific cases and whether or not such laws were on the books; if not, look at the terms under which criminals were prosecuted. How do they compare to laws regarding other categories of hate crimes?

Language Arts Topics

Semantics are also an interesting topic to explore. There may be little legal difference between civil unions and marriage in some places, but religious groups argue that the term “marriage” should only apply to heterosexual couples. Why is this an issue?

Religious Topics

Religious groups are divided on the matter of gay rights. Look at the interpretations of religious groups who are supportive and allow openly gay clergy, marriage ceremonies, and so forth (e.g. Reform Judaism).

Or, if you choose, examine the claims and arguments of organizations which do not support gay rights, and ask why that might be (e.g. Roman Catholicism).

You could also combine this with another area of study — such as criminal justice or social studies — and discuss the role of the church in