Speech Topics

Speeches — whether they’re required for school or are part of your job — can be daunting, but a winning topic is the first step to success.

Persuasive Speeches

A good speaker can subtly persuade his or her audience toward a particular viewpoint. Persuasive speaking is an important part of many jobs, from part-time sales to President of the United States, and is also a requirement in most schools. Here are some persuasive topics to consider:

  • Government – What better way to persuade your audience than to talk about the issues that matter to them? From the economy to defense spending, create a speech that shows how you feel about political issues… and why your opponents are wrong.
  • Social Issues – If you’re a fan (or foe) of social services, choose a topic that you feel strongly about, such as welfare, disability, charities, or crime.
  • Activity – Not all persuasive speeches are serious. Try to convince your audience to take up a hobby, sport or interest. Show them all the good points about the activity and how it will benefit them. Whether you’re rallying people to volunteer or to join a local softball league, this is a more light-hearted way to fulfill a persuasive speech requirement.

Expository Speeches

Exposition is the art of explaining, so expository speeches are very popular. Here are some speech topics to try:

  • Product Demonstration – Have you ever seen a corporate CEO deliver a keynote speech about a hot new gadget? This is an expository speech (with some flowery speech thrown in for sales purposes). Choose a product and explain its features and benefits to your audience. This is an especially good speech to practice if you’re in sales; you might have even done it already without knowing it.
  • “How To” Speech – Speeches can be really useful, especially if your audience learns something new. Picture every cooking, crafts or home improvement show you’ve seen and let this inspire you. Deliver step-by-step instructions on how to do something. Use props or diagrams and do the task while you’re speaking; this will help your audience connect with the material.

Narrative Speeches

Not all speeches are the same. Narrative speeches can be highly entertaining if you choose the right topic.

Tell a story with a captivating introduction, lots of sensory details, and a memorable conclusion. Your story could be anything, from a fairy tale to a comedy sketch. Use a smooth delivery and develop the narrative so it’s entertaining.


  1. dandyfine says:

    In college we had to do three speeches. I did a how-to on meditation, a how-to on becoming a pilot, and a anti-piracy persuasion speech. Straight As! You can use these ideas.

  2. I have a speech class this semester and I’m looking for ideas. Half of my class has done their first speech already. I know I will NOT be doing a cooking demonstration. It is too hard to cook and talk at the same time. None of theirs went well.
    I want to do a political speech but I don’t know what on yet. Ideas?