Global Warming Essay

As a phenomenon, global warming has been observed and confirmed in all major industrialized nations. This gives you lots of options for a global warming essay that will make an impact.

War Essay

War essays can be difficult to conceptualize because the topic can be analyzed from so many different angles. Some approaches can be controversial, such as political and social issues, while other topics are great for examining cause-and-effect, comparing and contrasting events or points of view, or looking at personal narratives.

Environment Essay Topics

Environmental problems cause concern all over the world. From harmful substances in our food to climate change – these problems affect all of us. Essays about environmental issues can cover a wide range of topics, from scientific analysis to political controversies.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Cause and effect essays describe a chain reaction, examining why something occurs and what effect is has on other things. Cause and effect essays are suitable for a multitude of subjects, including science, literature and social studies.